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Referring to any alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juice of grapes.

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음료; 와인

During fermentation, the steeping of the grape skins and solids in the wine, where alcohol acts as a solvent to extract color, tannin and aroma from the skins.


음료; 와인

A wine has balance when its elements are harmonious and no single element dominates.


음료; 와인

Fresh on the palate and free of any off-taste. Does not necessarily imply good quality.


음료; 와인

The process of removing particles from wine after fermentation. Most wines unless otherwise labeled are filtered for both clarity and stability.


음료; 와인

The key to judging a wine's quality is finish, also called aftertaste--a measure of the taste or flavors that linger in the mouth after the wine is tasted. Great wines have rich, long, complex ...

꽃향기(꽃 향기가 강한)

음료; 와인

말 그대로, 꽃의 독특한 향기를가지고. 주로 화이트 와인와 관련 된.


음료; 와인

활발 하 고, 깨끗 한 과일 캐릭터는 데. 젊은 와인 에센셜입니다.

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