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Clinical trials

Clinical trials are sets of tests performed for medical research and drug development which is used to extract safety and efficacy data.

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Clinical trials


의약품; 임상시험

A supposition or assumption advanced as a basis for reasoning or argument, or as a guide to experimental investigation.


의약품; 임상시험

An adverse effect produced by a drug that is detrimental to the participant's health. The level of toxicity associated with a drug will vary depending on the condition which the drug is used to ...


의약품; 임상시험

Refers to the testing of experimental drugs in the test tube or in animals - the testing that occurs before trials in humans may be carried out.

사용 설명서

생명공학; 생화학

"a manual usually accompanying a technical device and explaining how to install or operate it" Essential Requirements - Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC - Annex I, 13.1: Each device must be ...

제품 소개

생명공학; 생화학

설명 단어, 동사에서 뭔가 제시 문을 설명합니다


의약품; 임상시험

수직 까만 줄무늬를 가진은 빛 골드 도미


의약품; 임상시험

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