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Terms and scientific ideas that hadn't been spread or hadn't been taught when I was in highschool.

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A wireless transmission and reception of measured quantities for the purpose of remotely monitoring environmental conditions or equipment parameters.

Domain: Technology; Category: Information technology

Pineberries are a crossed breed between strawberries and pinapples. They look like strawberries and taste like pineapples, they are also referred by German word meaning pineapple strawberry, ...

Domain: Science; Category: General science

The Gap theory conjectured that there were millions of years between verse 1 and verse 2 of Genesis Chapter 1. They believed that verse 2 could be translated "But the earth became void and formless," ...

Domain: Science; Category: General science

Ice Circles - rare phenomenon seen in extremely cold countries. Formed when surface ice gathers in the center of a body of water and the current rotates forming an ice disc.

Domain: Science; Category: General science

Traffic sensors that help troubleshoot both daily commutes and long-term maintenance needs. It is said that a significant percentage of them don't work.

Domain: Science; Category: General science

Mining startups plan to prospect for asteroid belt minerals starting from 2016, but the big goal is air and water for future space travel, and not actually gold.

Domain: Technology; Category: Information technology

With no genetic modification but just high tech grafting of potato and tomato plants as they belong to the same plant family - solanaceae to produce a plant that can ultimately give you both potatoes ...

Domain: Agriculture; Category: Agricultural produce

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