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The Cold War was a state of political an military unrest after World War II in 1945, world politics at this period witnessed the emergence of two powerful blocs in Europe.... Capitalist Democracy dominated by the United States in the west, and the socialist communism dominated by Union of Soviet Socialist Republics(USSR). Consequent to their different ideologies, there was a power tussle and struggle for supremacy and the ensuing conflict was the Cold War fought on the platform of Economic, Military and Ideological Rivalry. The most accepted date by historians on the duration of the Cold War was from 1947-1991.

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On June 25, 1950, the Korean War began when some 75,000 soldiers from the North Korean People’s Army poured across the 38th parallel, the boundary between the Soviet-backed Democratic People’s ...

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Στις Ιουλίου 17,1945 «The Big Three» σοβιετικό ηγέτη Ιωσήφ Στάλιν, ο Βρετανός πρωθυπουργός Ουίνστον Τσώρτσιλ και ΗΠΑ Πρόεδρος Harry Truman συναντήθηκαν στο Πότσδαμ, Γερμανία. στο Συνέδριο, νικημένη ...

Domain: History; 업종/영역: World history

Июля 17,1945 «большой тройки» советского лидера Иосифа Сталина, премьер-министр Великобритании Уинстон Черчилль и США президент Гарри Трумэн встретились в Потсдам, Германия. на Конференции поражение ...

Domain: History; 업종/영역: World history

On March 12, 1947 Us president harry Truman outlined a policy of containment before a joint section of congress. The basic thrust of this doctrine was that; 'it must be the policy of the United ...

Domain: History; 업종/영역: World history

The containment Policy was adopted by the United States during the Cold War era, in order to prevent the spread of communism abroad. This policy was the US response to a series of moves by the USSR ...

Domain: History; 업종/영역: World history

The term was used to describe the activities of the USSR in the Eastern part of Europe and to warn against the spread of the socialist communism. This Term originated from Sir Winston Churchill's ...

Domain: History; 업종/영역: World history

On July 17,1945 'The Big Three' Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, British prime minister Winston Churchill and U.S president Harry Truman met in Postdam, Germany. at the conference, defeated Germany was ...

Domain: History; 업종/영역: World history

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