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A blossary of terms relating to the Apple Watch.

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When you reach a personal best in the Workout app or hit a milestone in the Activity app, Apple Watch is quick to celebrate. You'll earn special badges for a variety of achievements. Not only is it a ...

Domain: Timepieces; 업종/영역: Watches

Whenever you're doing a dedicated cardio workout, use the Workout app built into Apple Watch. It shows real-time stats such as time, distance, calories, and pace. It lets you set goals for each ...

Domain: Timepieces; 업종/영역: Watches

Each week, Apple Watch suggests a new Move goal for how many active calories to burn per day, based on your recent history. Adjust it up or down until it feels just right. You close the Move ring ...

Domain: Timepieces; 업종/영역: Watches

Let friends or loved ones know you're thinking of them with a silent, gentle tap they'll feel on the wrist. You can even customize taps for different people.

Domain: Timepieces; 업종/영역: Watches

Each Apple Watch comes with a range of watch faces you can change whenever you like. You can also add specialized functions — known in watchmaking as complications — to most faces. Choose ...

Domain: Timepieces; 업종/영역: Watches

Working with iPhone, Apple Watch continually checks against the definitive global time standard with the same precision found in GPS satellites. If you move from one time zone to another, Apple Watch ...

Domain: Timepieces; 업종/영역: Watches

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