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We are real men! We need adrenalin all the time, so let's go back to extreme sports. Actually "stunt riding" is not an official sport yet, but it is the most greatest show with motorcycles you can ever see

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Wheelie is the most popular of acrobatic stunts on the bike. Wheelie consist in lifting of the front of the motorcycle off the ground. There is big variety of wheelie: frog, high chair, seat stander, watch tower.

Domain: Sports; Category: Moto racing

Gurítás a leg--bb népszerű akrobatikus mutatványokat a kerékpár. Gurítás áll az első, a földre le motorkerékpár emelő. Nagy választék Gurítás van: béka, etetőszék, ülés állóhelyes watch tower.

Domain: Sports; Category: Moto racing

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