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Growing up in an era before computers and the internet, we played outdoors and, as boys, often with bugs. Here is an attempt to list some of the bugs we played with when we were small.

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The Asian Giant Hornet is one of the most dangerous insects in the world - it results in more deaths than any other Bee species.

Domain: Animals; Category: Insects

亞洲大黃蜂是世界上最危險的昆蟲之一 — — 它會導致更多的死亡,比任何其他蜜蜂品種。

Domain: Animals; Category: Insects

The Asian Longhorned Beetle is a large black beetle with roughly 20 white spots on its shiny back as well as two distinctive and very long antennae. The beetle is native to Eastern China and is often called the old cow beetle by local children because it resembles a miniature farm cow with its long horns and stocky build. Adult Asian Longhorned Beetles can reach 1.5 inches (4 cm) or more in length. They are able to fly for short distances, which is their preferred method to get onto trees to feed on the leaves. Their favorite trees are Chinese Poplar ubiquitous in many cities in China. The upper sections of the legs of the adults are whitish-blue and the two antennae have a black and white alternating pattern. There are two sharp spikes on each side of the neck so they must be picked up with care. The Asian Longhorned Beetle makes for a great trophy insect for its imposing form among children in China.

Domain: Animals; Category: Insects

亞洲天牛是一隻大黑甲蟲帶有大約 20 的白色斑點它閃亮的背,以及兩個獨特,很長的天線。 甲蟲是原產于中國東部,通常稱為老牛甲蟲是當地的孩子因為它類似于以其長長的角和敦實的微型農場牛。 成人亞洲天牛甲蟲可以達到 1.5 英寸 (4 釐米) 或者更多的長度。 他們是能飛為短的距離,這是他們首選的方法來獲取到樹上,以樹葉為食。 他們最喜歡的樹是在中國的許多城市無處不在的中國楊樹。 成人的腿的上部部分是白色藍色和兩個天線有交替模式的黑色和白色。 有頸部兩側的兩個尖刺,所以他們必須小心拿起。 亞洲天牛嚮往為其中國地區兒童的氣勢形成一大獎盃昆蟲。

Domain: Animals; Category: Insects

The spiny oak slug is a vivid green caterpillar in the family Limacodidae about 3/4" (2 cm) long when mature. The caterpillar has a colorful body (colors vary enormously) with spiny tubercules along the back and sides. The spines have a toxic venom released by the slightest touch which can cause a painful skin reaction. Their legs are shortened and the prolegs are reduced to suction cups. They eat a variety of deciduous trees and shrubs, including apple, ash, basswood, beech, birch, blueberry, cherry, chestnut, hackberry, hickory, maple, oak, poplar, sycamore and willow. Our parents always told us to stay away from spiny oak slugs. However, we often tried to catch them and place them in a jar to show other kids about our courage.

Domain: Animals; Category: Insects

The spiny oak slug is a vivid green caterpillar in the family Limacodidae about 3/4" (2 cm) long when mature. 毛毛蟲有多彩機構 (顏色的差別),有多刺的結節,沿背部和兩側形成。 刺有輕微的觸碰,這可能會導致痛苦的皮膚反應所釋放的有毒毒液。 縮短了他們的腿和斑紋會減少為吸盤。 他們吃各種各樣的落葉喬木,灌木,包括蘋果、 灰、 椴木、 山毛櫸、 樺木、 藍莓、 櫻桃、 板栗、 朴樹、 山核桃、 楓樹、 橡樹、 楊樹、 梧桐、 柳樹。 我們的父母總是告訴我們要遠離多刺的橡木蛞蝓。 然而,我們常常試圖抓捕他們並將它們放在一個罐子裡,給其他孩子們演示我們的勇氣。

Domain: Animals; Category: Insects

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