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Raphael (means "It is God who heals", "God Heals", "God, Please Heal") is an archangel of Judaism and Christianity, who in the Judeo-Christian tradition performs all manners of healing. In Islam, Raphael is the fourth major angel; in Muslim tradition, he is known as Israfil. Raphael is mentioned in the Book of Tobit, which is accepted as canonical by Catholics, Orthodox, and some Anglo-Catholics, and as useful for public teaching by Lutherans and Anglicans. Raphael is generally associated with the angel mentioned in the Gospel of John as stirring the water at the healing pool of Bethesda. Raphael is also an angel in Mormonism, as he is briefly mentioned in the Doctrine and Covenants.

Domain: History; Category: Ancient history

拉斐爾 (指"它是能治癒的上帝","上帝能治癒"、"上帝,請癒合") 是大天使的猶太教和基督教,猶太教-基督教傳統中執行所有禮儀的癒合。在伊斯蘭教中,拉斐爾是第四次重大天使 ;在穆斯林的傳統,他被稱為 Israfil。拉斐爾是 Tobit 書是由天主教、 東正教、 和一些 Anglo-Catholics 接受作為規範,所述和公共教學由路德教派和英國聖公會教徒一樣有用。拉斐爾是一般關聯與在約翰福音 》 作為在貝塞斯達的癒合池攪拌水中提到的天使。拉斐爾也是天使在摩門教,因為他簡要地提及在理論和盟約。

Domain: History; Category: Ancient history

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