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Digital camera

Any camera that captures images electronically rather than on a reel of film.

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Digital camera


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셔터 패널의 센터를 구성 하는 칸막이.

자동 bracketing

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일부 기능은 고급 카메라, 카메라 약간 다른 설정 (대개 3) 여러 연속 촬영을 걸릴 것 이다.

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Random Access Memory, . A type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly. This is the fastest type of memory for the computer and the most expensive. There are several types of RAM.


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The camera's storage medium. Flash memory is a safe, highly reliable form of storage that doesn't need power to hold the images after they are saved. It won't erase the images unless the user chooses ...


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Joint Photographic Experts Group, *.jpg. The de facto standard for image compression in digital imaging devices. JPEG is a lossy compression technique, capable of reducing digital images files to ...


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Liquid crystal display. The flat screen on many digital cameras that preview photographs that have already been taken. LCDs utilize two sheets of polarizing material with a liquid crystal solution ...

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1024 Kilobytes, written MB, used to refer to the size of files or media such as hard drives. Refers to the amount of information in a file or how much information can be contained on a hard drive or ...

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