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I speak english everyday in order to improve my spoken english.I love it.I think in the furture my spken english is very good!

Domain: Education; 업종/영역: Knowledge

Robert John Downey, Jr. was born in April 4, 1965. Is an American actor. His career started at the age of five in film Pound.

Domain: People; 업종/영역: Actors Collected Term

China Zun is a super-tall skyscraper in the Central Business District (CBD) of Beijing, China. Designed by TFP Farrells, China Zun mimics an ancient Chinese wine vessel and adopts many elements from ...

Domain: Architecture; Construction; 업종/영역: Skyscrapers Collected Term

Advertisements intended to induce people to order goods or services through the mail. Advertisements may be sent by mail or appear in other forms of media. Consumers place their orders through the ...

Domain: Advertising; 업종/영역: Marketing communications Collected Term

An organism which is adapted to high temperatures, such as in hot springs and geysers, smoker vents on the sea floor, and domestic hot water pipes. A wide range of bacteria, fungi and simple plants ...

Domain: Agriculture; 업종/영역: Bio agriculture Collected Term

A beginning period of the industrialization in the 1800s when the agricultural industry led to a fast economic development.

Domain: Agriculture; 업종/영역: Agricultural produce Collected Term

To make new; to renew.

Domain: Language; 업종/영역: Dictionaries Collected Term

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China has a lot of famous scenic spots.

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