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This Blossary is dedicated to terms used to discuss the technical or artistic aspects of film, or to classify films.

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Merriam-Webster.com definuje "voice-over" ako "slová, ktoré sú hovorené vo filme alebo televízneho programu osobou, ktorá nie je vidieť publikum." Napríklad, Tom Hanks ustanovené voice-over v ...

Domain: Cinema; 업종/영역: Film studies

Filmy, które miały miejsce w pierwszych czasach amerykańskiej. Na przykład John Wayne grał w wielu zachodnich filmów.

Domain: Cinema; 업종/영역: Film types

声音指的是"的振动,通过空气或另一种介质的旅行,可以听到他们什么时候到达一个人或动物的耳朵"(Google 定义)。

Domain: Science; 업종/영역: General science

Merriam-Webster.com "veu en off" es defineix com "paraules que es parlen en un programa de cinema o televisió per una persona que no és vist pel públic." Per exemple, Tom Hanks proporcionat la veu en ...

Domain: Cinema; 업종/영역: Film studies

A medium shot is between a close-up and long shot. It usually shows an actor from the waist up, whereas a close-up shows the just the face. This picture is a medium shot from the movie Spiderman.

Domain: Cinema; 업종/영역: Filmmaking

The art of making a film; movie creators have a wide variety of differences and the film can go whatever way the director chooses.

Domain: Entertainment; 업종/영역: Movies

A film in which one gender is being treated unfairly, such as woman needing a man to make her life complete, as in many Disney films.

Domain: Entertainment; 업종/영역: Movies

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