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Editing is reviewing a translation for any remaining grammatical errors or errors in meaning. It is the final step in the translation process.

Domain: Language; 업종/영역: Translation

An interpreter is a person who renders speech into another language verbally. An interpreter works either consecutively or simultaneously.

Domain: Language; 업종/영역: Translation

A translator is someone who completes the translation of texts from one language to another.

Domain: Language; 업종/영역: Translation

CAT stands for Computer Assisted Translation. CAT tools are any technology used to facilitate to translation electronically.

Domain: Language; 업종/영역: Translation

Machine translation is the translation of words or phrases into another language using computer software.

Domain: Language; 업종/영역: Translation

Terminology management is establishing a definite set of terms to be used to ensure consistency in a translation project.

Domain: Language; 업종/영역: Terminology management

Source text analysis is studying the source text in search for its purpose, audience, stylistic nuances, and other characteristics. It can be completed by the translator before he or she begins a ...

Domain: Language; 업종/영역: Translation

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