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Common places and things in Florida, U.S.A.

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A large ship that can carry hundreds of people for multiple days in the ocean, visiting islands and other destinations. Usually has entertainment and multiple food choices and locations. Cruises can ...

Domain: Entertainment; 업종/영역: Popular culture

The act of going underwater with a set of scuba gear. This gear allows you to stay underwater and breath out of an air tank for a prolonged period of time. Scuba diving gives you a chance to see ...

Domain: Places; 업종/영역: 

A landmass that runs along the coast of a large body of water such as an ocean, river, or lake. Beaches are made from a composite of materials, natural or man-made. Due to the different composites, ...

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; 업종/영역: 

Taking a boat at least 10 miles off the coast to go fishing. Deep sea fishing trips yield larger fish as a whole, ranging up to 300 pounds, and maybe larger. The rush of having a fish on your line ...

Domain: Fishing; 업종/영역: 

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