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21.000 USD na kvadratni meter. Mnogi Rusije najbogatejših ljudi, ki tam živijo ali nepremičnine v tej ulici, ki omogoča, da eden od najbolj donosnih ulicah v Rusiji.

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; 업종/영역: Tourist attractions

$21,000 Per square meter. Many of Russia's richest people living there or having real estates in this street, which makes it to one of the most lucrative streets in Russia.

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; 업종/영역: Tourist attractions

$24,000 Per Square Meter. Very expensive street which located near to the city's naval . Wolseley Road is a road in the Sydney suburb of Point Piper. It is one kilometre long. It starts at New South ...

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; 업종/영역: Tourist attractions

$27,500 Per Square Meter. Situated in one of the most beautiful vacation site of Italy, Porto Cervo, which attracts many tourists every single year.

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; 업종/영역: Tourist attractions

$32,000 Per Square Meter. This street is consider as Paris business center, which bring together business men from all over the world.

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; 업종/영역: Tourist attractions

$73,000 Per Square Meter. The fifth avenue is the most expensive street in Manhattan. If you are not rich, it's impossible to purchase a house over there. (Or even rent one for a while )

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; 업종/영역: Tourist attractions

$73,000 Average per each square meter! That's pretty expensive isn't it? there are ONLY 15 houses in this street which curves throughout the island Kap Pera which located east to Niece.

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; 업종/영역: Tourist attractions

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